Westgate Park


Westgate Park is an interesting place where the urban landscape of Port Melbourne meets the natural wetland environment. The variety of wildlife and concrete, brutalist architecture stood out to me most. Thus, my publication consists of a concertina fold-out showing two main sides to the Westgate Park through overlaying textures.

The first side of the publication features urban aspects of the park, with black and white photos to emphasise the industrial concrete and metal details. In contrast, the second side shows the natural environment, including the lake, trees and flowers. These images have a dreamy pink tint to evoke the balmy, warm weather when I visited the park. I also added grain to all the photos to translate the noise of cars on the Westgate Freeway passing as well as the general hum of the insects.

Supervised by Dane Kerr and Kasia Ilczyszyn (Susu Studio)︎︎︎


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